Aly is an artist that brings a warm, relaxed feeling into any room. Her style is all-soul, and the mellow and positive fashion in which her music is delivered is agreeable in most entertainment environments. Whether you are looking to commemorate a special occasion, or just looking to escape the real world for a bit, follow Aly down the path of soulful melodies to a happier place. Her voice is low, rich, and musical velvet. Her tempo tends to be relaxed, but upbeat.

Aly is one of the better-known musicians in the Omaha Metro Area that specializes in event coordination and Emcee skills. She can not only entertain an audience, but she also has expertise that are finely tuned in navigating an event that may also include additional performers and guest speakers. She’s definitely well suited to perform, but can bring her talents to any type of event and inject her personal flare to keep the attendees happy and entertained.


If you are interested in offering Aly the opportunity to entertain for your next event, please visit the contact page to get in touch! And for samples of her work, visit the blog to hear examples of her work.